A photograph is an infinitesimal slice in a time continuum….

The best way to record a journey is to to keep a photographic journal

Everytime I travel, I get to shoot tons of photographs - people, landscape, architecture or anything that strikes my fancy. Each is a slice in time contributing to make that particular journey a memorable one. I am sharing here those that have indelibly embedded themselves in my bank of memories and I have given short descriptions for each one hoping to recreate the where, what and why. Therefore, each picture in every journey does tell a story......Enjoy!




These ramshackle block houses are located at the lower part of the hills in Luxor made up of sedimentary rock where the pharaohs of Egypt were buried in chambers carved out of the rock face. It is a dry and arid landscape with not a single vegetation to be seen and I wonder how people survive under such harsh conditions with their farm animals. Their dwellings are quite colorful, however, and make a nice contrast against the monochromatic surroundings.




Some 2 kms. off the Normandy coast of France lies this 100-hectare island that is both a fortress and a monastery with a cathedral at the top. It used to be isolated from the mainland during high tide but a new causeway built a year ago permanently makes access easy for visitors can walk across it or take the shuttle bus that goes back and forth every 15 mins. or so. It was low tide when I came for a visit so there was no sea around it which made the pictures I took less dramatic. The whole island with its medieval structures and cobblestone streets is impressive nevertheless.


panorama 5

This is the site of the pivotal battle that happened 200 years ago on June 18, 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated here on the plains of this undulating countryside south of Brussels, Belgium by the Duke of Wellington and his Prussian allies. It spelled the end of his empire and changed the course of European history. I shot this view from the 43-meter high Lion’s Mound – a man-made hill built to commemorate the battle – that overlooks the round museum whose interior walls are painted with a 360-degree mural depicting the charge of the French cavalry.


bmw 1A

I was shooting the Cologne Cathedral at midnight when this 150K Euros BMW sports car hybrid silently passed by then stopped in front of me and my Nikon on the tripod. The driver asked if I could shoot it with the cathedral as a background. I found the contrast between the modern metallic car and old stone church too hard to resist so I said, yeah sure! The result speaks for itself……


passau 13
One early morning while having coffee on the hotel balcony admiring the view of the Dolomite mountains in Italy, I saw this big herd of sheep – a thousand or so – heading up the hill. So I got the camera and ran outside to catch them feeding on the dried grass on the slopes. It was fun running after them and getting up close for some great angles mindful of the fact that I had to shoot quickly before the clouds covered the mountainous background. I felt like a photographer shooting for National Geographic!


fussen 62A

In the forests of Bavaria lies this castle built by King Maximilian II in the 18th century. This was the family’s summer home and it is quite a beautiful place with a small lake behind it. Close by is Neuschwanstein, the more famous castle built by his son Ludwig II. I shot this in the fading light of a rainy day and moisture was still present in the air making the image look a bit soft dreamy with a brooding ambiance.


matt 7

This 4,478-meter high rocky pyramid found in Zermatt has become the emblem of the Swiss Alps and straddles the border between Italy and Switzerland. We took the cogwheel train to Gornergrat to have a good view of this pinnacle and hiked a bit to get to this small lake surrounded by rocky promontories and numerous hiking trails. It was absolutely beautiful!


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A photograph is an infinitesimal slice in a time continuum....

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